DESS: My mattress savings bank

Agency: VCCP Madrid
Advertiser: DESS
Brand: DESS
Country: Spain


In Spain, things got even tougher for DESS, a Spanish mattress manufacturer. Their sales have dramatically decreased over the last few years because fewer and fewer people were considering renewing their old mattresses as it wasn't a priority for anyone during the crisis. As a result, DESS could go out of business if this trend continued.

Therefore, the objectives of the campaign were:

— To increase brand awareness.

— To drive traffic to the point of sale.

— To increase DESS orders by 15%

And most important: to save DESS business… but with a very limited investment!


Due to the critical situation of the Spanish economy, 83% of Spanish people didn't believe it was a good time to buy anything that wasn't essential or absolutely needed. So, fewer and fewer people were considering to renew their old mattresses.