Enough thinking: we're living in the age of feeling

Brian Millar

I picked up a load of 1970s D&AD annuals in an Oxfam shop a few weeks ago. After knackering my back by carrying them all home with me, I made myself as comfortable as traction would allow and prepared for a feast from the Golden Age of Long Copy Advertising.

After one annual I was ready to slit my wrists. It was so depressing: David Abbott was hawking a kids' book club by terrifying parents into thinking that children who don't read Roald Dahl will never get a job. He had also written a couple of hundred words of deathless prose on a hairdryer that wouldn't set fire to your perm.

According to Barbara Nokes, you (probably) wouldn't die if you crashed in a Polo. And then there was an ad with about 1,500 words on 'Why 95% of text settings are not fit to appear in print', which taught me more about redundant type technology than I ever needed to know.