How Rich-Media Video Technology Boosts Branding Goals: Different Online Advertising Formats Drive Different Brand-Performance Metrics

Leah Spalding and Sally Cole
Google, Inc.

Amy Fayer
Dynamic Logic


The flexibility of the online medium has led to a wide range of advertising format choices for advertisers, including static image formats (e.g., GIF and JPG formats), “simple” animated Flash formats without interaction capabilities (e.g., .swf formats), and rich-media formats that can include expandable, floating, video, and other interactive features. This range of formats, combined with readily available online measurement opportunities, means that advertisers can make informed choices about advertising formats based on key branding goals. This study examines some of the factors influencing advertisers' choice of advertising format, identifies the advertising formats associated with the largest branding impact, and suggests how to match advertising format to branding goal to extract the most brand value from an online display advertising campaign.