Volkswagen: Activation pack

Proximity London

The team

Jo Jenkins, Maxine Gallagher, Andrew Waddell, Joseph Pirrie, Natalie Brimson, Claire Aldous, Natasha Widdess, Laura-Jane Walker, Alex Lamb, Jo Powell.

What is wonderful about this work?

The beauty of Volkswagen's rolling multi-channel contact strategy is simplicity of design driven by multi-layered personalisation. Analysis of buying behaviour pinpointed critical times for communication to connect to the customer mindset at each journey stage, with beautifully crafted, emotional and sensory experiences. The Activation Pack generated a 0.9% uplift over the control.

The test-drive email was the world's first email test drive, an innovative sensory journey. Eighteen side-scrolling emails were meticulously crafted, weaving together a stream of consciousness to evoke the unique feeling of driving that car. With an open rate of 27% and click-through rate of 43.5%, both well above UK averages, this campaign is certainly achieving stand-out in the inbox.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?