Direct marketing in Europe: How European advertising and media companies and agencies see direct marketing



It is clear that new electronic services will make a great impact on a number of direct marketing response mechanisms, from a survey of a hundred companies across Europe, on the trends in direct marketing in the next five to ten years, undertaken by FEDIM in October 1995. They will change the way direct marketing is done, but will not completely replace traditional systems. Postal services will be replaced to a certain degree by the new electronic media, due in part to increases in paper costs and postal rates, but direct mail is still expected to remain the most popular medium, followed by television, particularly as it becomes interactive (teleshopping) and telemarketing (although in the long run this may be overtaken by point-to-point computers). The liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, with consequent decreases in prices and growth in competition, will play an important role, as will changes in national and European legislation.