Spot on - how the spot on the right products helps to be spot on in baby care

Susanne Schlichting
Procter & Gamble, Germany.


At Procter & Gamble we understand that our company's success begins when our shoppers are choosing which brand to purchase. We call this “the first moment of truth”. The “second moment of truth” comes when the consumer uses the product.

We can only win at these two moments of truth when we are “in touch” with our consumers. In other words, it's the direct feedback we seek from our consumers and shoppers that helps to make their life a little better every day – the heart of market research.

Understanding the needs of our consumers and shoppers is especially important in the baby care category. The birth of the first baby is one of the core life changing events in personal life. Across the globe the birth of the first baby ranks among the four most important events (like moving out, completion of education, marriage). It also means that especially with the birth of the first baby many things are changing in the parents' life: