How Verizon uses individual cellphone data to identify customer interests

Geoffrey Precourt

The National Security Administration has given Americans occasion to think twice about what cellphone service providers do with their personal information.

But Verizon has customers all over the country who demand seamless service. "We have a very large network," Stephanie Bauer Marshall, director of the Precision Market Insights group at Verizon Wireless, told the audience at the Audience Measurement 8.0 conference organized by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). "And we have to figure out where we should put our towers, and how we should optimize our towers and become the best US network. All of that takes a lot of activity and a lot of data."

And there are marketing concerns, as well: "As an advertiser, we're trying to figure out how we use all this data. How do we become more accountable?" Marshall said.