First Direct Current Accounts: Live



first direct Live is quite simply the campaign that should never have been. In a sector criticised for its lack of transparency, we were so confident in first direct's brand values and delivery that we allowed the medium to become the message. From September-November 2009, we took live, unedited feedback from real people – both good and bad – and projected it into a campaign that utilised all the latest data visualisation and social networking memes and technology. We came up with a media idea that was then translated into advertising with no distraction. We allowed the word on the web to be the advertising campaign.

The result was a significant increase in key brand metrics including momentum by 8%, recommendation by 15% and differentiation by 8%. The campaign was also highly successful in driving current account acquisitions with 16% of all applications in the second half of 2009 directly delivered as a result of the campaign. Econometrics also showed that the campaign created an average uplift from the base of 44% peaking at more than 70% in the end of October and start of November. In addition, the Live campaign was 38% more cost efficient than any other first direct campaign in recent history with an overall ROI of 2.01.