Jack in the Box – What would the world be like without Jack?

Category: Restaurants
Brand/Client: Jack in the Box
Primary Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing
Media Agency: Horizon Media
Contributing Agencies: JAC Communications/Apollo Interactive



We developed an ad campaign for Jack in the Box 15 years ago that became a pop culture sensation. It positioned the Jack in the Box brand as a challenger in a marketplace full of bite-and-smile copy-cats. Jack became synonymous with bucking fast food conventions and caring about the “every day Joe.” He was considered a breath of fresh air in an industry that never changed. While we love this campaign, our charge is to constantly re-evaluate it to ensure it remains fresh, surprising and relevant. It's a hyper-competitive industry so resting on laurels is a sure way to get beaten. We have to balance consistency with bold “let it rip” surprises to keep the consumer paying attention.