Demographic Group: Asian Americans

Cristina Reyes

Demographic overview

With a population increase of 51% since 2000, Asian Americans are the fastest growing multicultural segment, edging out the Hispanic population (Nielsen, 2012b). While the latter growth comes from domestic births (Nielsen, 2012b), Asian American growth largely stems from immigration. Nearly three-quarters of Asian American adults were born outside the US (Pew, 2012).

Forty-nine percent of foreign-born Asians think they can speak English "very well", but this figure shrinks to 31% when limited to those without a college degree (Pew, 2012). Forty-five percent of all Asian Americans feel it is very important that future generations are able to speak their native language. However, only 32% share this view among US-born Asians (Pew, 2012).

For respondents who identified as Asian alone, the 2011 American Community Survey 1-year estimate reveals the following age profile (US Census Bureau, 2011a):