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Y&R São Paulo

Advertiser: Telefonica / TVA
Brand: Telefônica
Country: Brazil


Client: Telefônica / TVA Product: Optical Fiber

For the Brazilian telecom segment, the year 2011 was marked by the arrival of a new technology: the optical fiber. Because it allows data transmission at super high speed, this launch was considered one of the key moments in the segment over the last years.

Our client, Telefonica, a fixed-line telephony leader in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, announced an investment around $100 million, three times as much as previous year, to build a complete optical fiber network, seamlessly connecting its central network to the homes of the end consumers, thus ensuring the superior quality claimed by the new technology.

However, the launch brief for the "technology of the future" requested a conservative solution: to create a direct mail to communicate the arrival of the optical fiber in São Paulo city.