Puma Social: After Hours Athlete

Agency: Droga5
Client: Puma
Product: Puma Social


PUMA came to us looking for a campaign to reenergize their sputtering lifestyle business. Over the past decade the business had become stagnant, and we were tasked with first figuring out why, and then correcting it.

The brand kept experimenting with new products – and often quite radical ones. When they turned out to be "hits," sales responded very quickly. However, when new products weren't as successful, sales saw an equally reactive negative response. There seemed to be no buffer at all between product experimentation and sales results for PUMA whereas other brands could get away with a few product "misses" more easily.

We realized through further investigation the cause for this disparity: PUMA lacked a clear brand identity.

Our objective became to revitalize PUMA lifestyle business – not just by increasing sales of product but by permanently establishing a creative umbrella to encompass all the brand does.