Laubman & Pank: Transitions Lenses



Category: Retail/Direct Sales
Country where program ran: Australia
Date program started/ended: 5 September – 14 November 2008

Product Description: Laubman & Pank is an Australian optical retailer.Transitions Lenses adjust automatically to UV light, which means no more having to constantly change from glasses to sunglasses as you go from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa.

Advertiser/Client Name: Laubman & Pank
Media Channels: DirectMail


Marketplace Challenge:

Although the customer always knows best, Laubman & Pank staff often find customers aren't aware of the number of optical products available to them. Most customers feel an eye care solution is simply a combination of well fitted frames and a set of prescribed lenses. In reality, optometrists have access to a range of products, particularly lenses, to help address their patients’ needs – Transitions Lenses are one of these products. As the leading expert and educator of optometry in the Australian market, Laubman & Pank set themself the task of informing relevant customers about the benefits of Transitions Lenses.