Agency: Cossette Communication - Marketing Authors: S Plunkett and H Mathew

IKEA Burlington opening campaign

Effective retail advertising has one supreme virtue. If it works it works quickly, delivering customers and sales.

Effectiveness can be measured immediately; run an ad on Wednesday and if the store isn't packed on Friday and Saturday, you know something didn't work.

As this case demonstrates, the immediate call to action and 'move-the-product-with-a-sale' mentality is alive and well, but it is being augmented with longer term strategic objectives related to a store's market positioning and image.

The two primary objectives in this case seem to come from opposite ends of the spectrum normally considered in advertising strategies. First, position IKEA as a leader in home furnishings normally a long-term corporate objective. Second, get 60,000 people out to a store opening over a four-day period and go for immediate sales objectives.