ASPCA: Help Joey

Pyper Paul + Kenney

Executive Summary

Sex sells. But what about abstinence? Will people buy that? We sure hoped so.

Every year across the U.S. between 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized due to overpopulation. And, while the ASPCA and numerous other animal advocate groups have tried to alleviate this problem through 'get your pet spayed/neutered' messaging over the years, the needle hasn't moved.

We took a different approach.

It was obvious that telling people to get their pets spayed/neutered and presenting rational reasoning wasn't going to make an impact. We know that animals are going to procreate - it's their natural calling. That's why we spay/neuter them. So, if people neglect to spay/neuter their animals, then we needed to do the next best thing - prevent them from having sex.

Now how could we accomplish this feat?

Welcome Joey.

Joey was one man on a crusade to end animal overpopulation. But, he had a bit of a different methodology. He knew that he couldn't afford to spay/neuter countless animals, and he couldn't do it himself. But, he could prevent them from procreating. Yeah, he could do that.