Xbox Kinect: Australia Kinects

Agency: UM Sydney

Advertiser: Xbox - Kinect

Author: Tristan Burrell

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2-5 million


For the past 5 years, the video game category has been dominated by Nintendo Wii, leaving the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 to battle it out for number two.

Not only did it own the largest share of Australian households, it was also the brand closest to Australians hearts - being seen as ‘fun for the whole family’ (source: Media Brans research 2010 - see supporting data). Meanwhile, of all the gaming consoles on the market the Xbox 360 had become the most entrenched in the hardcore gamer image.

This set up our challenge for the launch of Kinect (Xbox 360's motion control add-on) whose target audience moved away from the hardcore crowd, with a much stronger focus on the exact opposite - mums, dads and young women. These audiences would be represented by two target segments: