Tata Docomo: Fair always

Campaign details

Brand owner: Tata Docomo
Agency: Draftfcb Ulka
Country: India
Industry: Telecoms

Campaign background

Tata Docomo, a late entrant into the cluttered Indian telecoms category, was a David among several Goliaths, and trying to battle hard to get ahead of giants like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

As the tenth operator to launch in the market upon making its entry in 2009, Tata Docomo built a new paradigm with its "pay only for what you use" philosophy. This became a unique differentiator for the brand, and induced phenomenally high brand switching from almost all other operators.

But the competition recovered fast and launched deceptively similar products, thereby muddying the waters and obscuring Tata Docomo's source of competitive advantage. The market leaders had regained momentum by screaming about claims and freebies. But the truth was something else.