Sprint: Now is the time

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


In 2009 after suffering through the “Third Worst Merger of All Time” according to Forbes and hemorrhaging customers for several years, Sprint desperately needed to rejuvenate their brand. The competition was talking about minutes and coverage. Yet in the space of a couple of years, the category had transformed itself. Everything we used to do on a PC was rapidly transitioning onto the mobile devices—data was the future for wireless carriers.

The creative idea we came up with was the “Now Network.” It combined the immediacy and intimacy of mobile and demonstrates the type of data that people were accessing on their mobile devices now and in the future.

The campaign demonstrated the power and immediacy of mobile computing.

The first expression of the campaign was launched in early 2009—the “Now Widget.” Interactive initiatives played a huge role in reinventing the brand. A series of real-time widgets that housed dynamic feeds and illustrated the range of information people could access on the mobile Web. We visualized hundreds of topics: Google searches, cases of malaria, babies born, eggs laid, planes in the air, political polls in the Obama vs. McCain election. All of them were updated now in real time.