Predictability of movie box office based on trailer testing - Using neuroscience and bio-sensory measurements for predictive modeling

Keith Winter and W. Bryan Smith
EmSense Corporation, United States


Marketers and content developers have been interested in neuroscience and how it can be applied to marketing ever since Dr. Read Montague published his well-known fMRI branding study of Coke and Pepsi drinkers in October 2004. Over the last four years, numerous firms have been actively offering neuromarketing approaches and much press has been released about the industry and the work of these firms. Neuroscience is increasingly being used as a diagnostic tool in helping marketers better understand consumer reactions to advertising, marketing, packaging, concepts and other marketing-relevant stimuli. However, little research has yet been conducted to determine the actual market validation of these measures. Research to date has been mainly anecdotal or focused around single events such as a package or advertising change.