What's a nice insight like you doing in a concept like this? How marketers can avoid wasting good insights on poorly articulated concepts

Lee Markowitz, Barbara Garau and Lourdes Alvarez-Chavarria
Ipsos Marketing, USA


Consumer insights are the new Holy Grail.Great consumer insights can inspire powerful product ideas, which in turn should be transformed into winning concepts. And yet, as marketers increase their expertise at uncovering insights and truly understanding their consumers' needs and aspirations, there is a disconnect translating these insights into winning concepts – and ultimately successful products. What's missing is the foresight. How can marketers ensure that the insights gleaned at the fuzzy front end are fully leveraged later in the innovation process during concept development? What is needed is a bridge between insight identification and concept development, so that great insights do not suffer in the hands of bad concepts – and great business opportunities are not lost along the way.

What do we mean by insights?