How to be heard: Mass-brand storytelling in fragmented media markets

Andrew Grenville
Vision Critical
Dawn Novak
Eastman Kodak Company

Once a upon a time, not so very long ago, the masses were massed together, the mediums were few, it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer and everyone knew their place. And life was good for mass media…

At a glance

In 2009, we asked 3000 people from Vision Critical's national panels in the US, UK, and Canada to tell us how they accessed social media, online news, television, newspapers, magazines and radio—how many times a week, and for how many minutes and hours they spent with each medium.

We wanted to know: in an age where the attention, patience and investment of consumers is fragmented by an avalanche of messages and media, what's the advertiser's target? Or better put, where? How do we aim?

The goal was to explore patterns of behavior and response. How do all these pieces of the media puzzle fit together? And how does media usage serve as a marker for receptivity to advertising?