The Critical Generation

Leo Burnett

I guess my principal qualification for being up here today on the 50th Anniversary of the 4A's is that my own experience in this business started just a half century ago.

I entered it to make money.

I was earning $18 a week as a reporter on the Peoria Journal. Obie Winters, a classmate of mine at the University of Michigan, was in Detroit making $40 a week at Packard, with privileges at the D.A.C. to boot, and thought that the automobile industry was here to stay. The upshot of it was that I got a job in the advertising department of Cadillac and have been in advertising ever since, although I must say that my association with the automobile industry has been somewhat less continuous.

If you can believe what you read in the papers – in the non-advertising section, that is – most of the boys graduating from the ivyest of the Ivy League colleges, and elsewhere, don't want to go into business.