Rebranding without the Onion

Paul Feldwick and Seamus O'Farrell
Prostate Cancer UK

Paul Feldwick and Seamus O'Farrell of Prostate Cancer UK relate the story of the rebranding of the Prostate Cancer Charity to give it a noisier profile and attract more research funding, with lessons for other organisations.

On New Year's Day 2013, Prostate Cancer UK launched its first-ever large-scale advertising campaign. At 9.00pm, viewers on all TV channels watched comedian Bill Bailey talk about the Sledgehammer Fund, aiming to raise awareness and understanding of a disease that kills almost as many men as breast cancer does women, yet is much less known about or funded. This event was the culmination of a year that had seen a complete transformation of the charity, changing not just its name and visual identity, but also many aspects of its behaviour and internal culture.