Tassimo: The Barcode Brews it Better

Executive summary

Kraft had been the market leader of in-home coffee consumption for a number of years, with a strong presence in the two largest segments: Roast & Ground and Soluble. However, to grow it needed to develop a dominant position in the newest and fastest growing segment in the category, On Demand.

The On Demand market is well established in Europe and Kraft has established itself as a strong second place competitor in that market with Tassimo. Early in- market performance indicated that Tassimo's potential in Canada mimicked growth curves in European countries. Tassimo had enjoyed first to market leadership but was significantly pressured by its closest North American competitor Keurig.

Kraft needed to develop a dominant position. Together, Kraft and its research partners collaborated to develop a concise research strategy and subsequently, an engaging consumer message for execution.

The process involved multiple phases of research with the entire team (internal and external agencies) embracing consumer learning at each step. The end result was a highly successful "barcode" marketing campaign that is living through multi-year execution and has been embraced by our United States colleagues.