Best practice: Email marketing

Paul Bates


Email marketing, if done correctly, is a great equaliser for small and medium-sized companies. However, it has to be done correctly, and enterprises need to establish a consensual relationship with their customers to achieve maximum impact.

A recent report from analyst firm Forrester in June predicted that, by 2014, companies will spend over £1.2bn on email marketing in the US alone – an 11% compound annual growth rate. Yet it predicts that much of this spend will be wasted because messages are targeted inappropriately, or not at all, and end up in the bin.

In the current economic climate, no-one can blame companies for closely examining their marketing budgets, and if the needs of the customer are being ignored, further cuts are inevitable. Many email marketers simply don't spend time properly targeting their marketing material. In better economic climates, this would be considered cavalier and naive – now, however, it's simply unforgivable.