Point of view: New skills for a new world

Stan Sthanunanthan
The Coca-Cola Company

The emergence of big data and the transformational growth of computing power, together with budget pressures, have redefined the sources of information from which insights can be unearthed, as well as the journey that one has to go through to develop an insight. The changes have been driven partly by choice and partly by compulsion. The reality is that the changes are here to stay. So, what do we do about it? How do we pivot from this crucial juncture?

Until the end of the last century, the skills required to survive and thrive in the research industry were evolving steadily, but since the turn of the century, the pace of change has increased significantly. There is an irreversible resetting of expectations from the insights function. While we need to be good at what we used to do in the past, we also need to acquire a set of new skills.