The Big Idea - Palmolive Liquid: My Friend Madge

David Mixter

You know, I'm glad we "Big Idea" men don't come after the next part of the program, for a discourse on "Sex in Advertising" is going to be a pretty tough act to follow. Of course, I'll talk about girls. Everyone in our business talks about girls. In fact, the focal point of my "Big Idea" is a girl. I call her "My Friend Madge." She's one of my very favorite members of the fair sex. She's not a great international sex symbol, nor is she a Hollywood glamour queen ... but she is a gal who has a following far greater than many of the best of these.

And what's more, she's helping create a lot of sales for a client of mine.

After all, that's what this "Big Idea" business is all about, isn't it? ... making sales ... helping to make money ... for a client. One more thing, I'll be talking about our "Big Idea." That our covers a lot of ground – a lot of people at Bates ... a lot of people at Colgate – for this "Big Idea" was not the product of one great inspiration of one creative thinker. It is the product of a very substantial group effort ... punctuated frequently by trial and error.