emerging broadband market and the relevant policy agenda in japan

Yasu Taniwaki
Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C.


This paper outlines the recently emerging broadband market in Japan and to overview the policy agenda corresponding to the fast changing market environment. At the present time, Japan is one of the most advanced countries in broadband services, and is thus forced to address new policy issues caused by the transition from PSTNs (Public Switched Telephone Networks) to IP (Internet Protocol) Networks.

This paper, first of all, presents an overview of the current status of the Japanese broadband market. Based on this current status, policy issues currently being addressed by the Japanese regulatory authority, or Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT), are summarized from the viewpoint of both the promotion of broadband network deployment and the promotion of competition in the broadband market.

Current status of the Japanese broadband market