Unilever: Dove – Hello beautiful

Ogilvy & Mather

The team

Gerry Human, Ivan Pols, Margo Young, Laura Rogers, Trevallyn Hall, Craig Blagg, Sasha Dunn, Giles Rhys-Jones, Martin Robertson, Simone Zahradka, Anthony Butterfield, Fiona Renfrew, Michael Hines, Stephane Orhan, Emily Creek, Stephanie Symonds, Steve Miles, Fernando Machado, Kathleen Ryan, Harriet Edmonds.

Other contributor:

The Mill – Post Production and animation.

How did the campaign make a difference?

Dove's mission is to make women feel more beautiful. But for many women, beauty is a source of anxiety, especially in social media. Empowering women to use their social networks to spread positivity turned the tables on negative online advertising, creating a media debate that fundamentally challenged the use of online advertising.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

For women, social media is an integral part of their life, a forum for self-expression, and a way of sharing personal thoughts, content, and information about themselves. However, this makes them vulnerable because every day they're exposed to ads designed to target their body-image insecurities. A new source of beauty anxiety stems from advertisers misusing the rich personal data from social profiles to negatively target them. Beyond identifying the problem, this campaign lifted the lid on the issue and empowered women to tackle negative advertising. Social data gave Dove the problem; it had to be an integral part of the solution too. The campaign launched, grew and finished in social media. Women addressed the issue for themselves.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?