Method: innovative cleaning products

Jim Stengel

While researching his book, Jim Stengel visited a company that has successfully grown its image and profits. Here, he explains some of the unusual business ideas behind the brand

AS PART of the research for my book Grow. How the World's Best Businesses Use the Power of Ideals to Outshine the Competition, I am visiting a handful of companies that rank highly in the study I designed with Millward Brown Optimor and the UCLA Anderson School of Management. The study has a ten-year scope and highlights businesses that have grown their image with their consumer as well as their financial results. The brands that made the top of this list grow about two-and-a-half-times faster than the competition.

One of these companies is called method and it produces environmentally friendly cleaning products based in San Francisco, California. I wanted to find out what made it special and successful. Here are a few of the quirky titles that give a clue to the personality of the company: chief financial person against dirty (chief financial officer); head coach (chief executive officer); chief of retail health (vice-president, sales); disruptor (senior director, design); brand poobah (vice-president, brand experience); the laundress (general manger, fabric care).