Come a casa: Dinnertime

Client Company Name: Come a casa
Brand Name: Come a casa
Agency: LDV United
Category: Integrated Communication
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: LDV United


Come a casa is a ready-made meals brand. The product range consists of Mediterranean dishes such as lasagna, pasta and pizza. The market for ready-made meals (non-frozen) is a functional market with few or no brand experience. Ready-made meals are still perceived as convenience and low involvement products. Mainly the single portions are bought (not the family packs). The market is dominated by private labels. The main challenge for an A-brand such as Come a casa is creating added value and brand preference to justify the price difference between Come a casa and a private label. The client wanted to promote the lasagna family packs en prove that Come a casa isn't just a typical brand of ready-made meals for lonely bachelors, but a true family brand.


  1. Increase brand awareness of Come a casa
  2. Improve score on the following image items:
    • Come a casa is served with great pleasure to family and friends
    • Come a casa brings family and friends together