The true story… behind Japanese creativity

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

Japan is the creativity king! Despite all the seemingly bad news about Japan that appears in the global press, the reality is that around the world people continue to see Japan as a place of fascinating new ideas, some certainly quirky, but always creative.

The place to find out the latest trends

The evidence is certainly clear in my daily life. McCann has offices in 120 plus countries. Nearly every work day we receive requests from at least one of them asking us to "find out what the latest trend is in Japan" simply because they see Japan as having the most innovation in everything from the expected like robotics and toilets to unusual soft drinks. As I write this article I am flying to Brazil where a major telecoms company wants to know what the latest innovations are in Japan, because they recognize that beyond having created a unique system for itself, the industry continues to create unique new services. The GREE model for mobile gaming is often talked about as "the next big thing."