Steps to achieving integrated marketing with digital at its core

Zaid Al-Zaidy

UK advertisers spent £3.3bn online in 2008, a 406% increase since 2004 (source: IAB/Pricewater-houseCoopers; WARC), so, on the surface, it would appear that the majority of companies are getting digital.

Yet, 90% of this digital spend is being invested into largely promotionally driven online activities (source: IAB), while switched-on companies know they are merely scratching the surface of what online can really do for (and to) their brands.

Why? Because the internet was not designed for brands to continue their oneway interruptive advertising model. In fact, it is a place where every TV campaign claim can be blogged to death, torture-tested, discussed, accepted and rejected without your sign-off or knowledge. So treating 'digital' like yet another advertising channel misses the point.