MultiMedia Reach/Frequency And Optimization

Questions, answers and consequences for print

James H. Collins
Scarborough Research
Dan Mallett
Daniel Mallet Associates
Jane Mulligan Traub
Scarborough Research


Historically one of the broad ambitions of media research has been unified multimedia planning. Primary motivations underlying this vision have been, and continue to be, the very real needs media research has to 1) more precisely plan in the context of complex media options and interactions; and 2) account to clients for the gestalt value of the campaign, as opposed to the separate worth of its discrete media components.

The means for realizing this vision have assumed a variety of forms over time. With respect to data, there have been efforts to develop truly singlesource multimedia databases. In the face of the difficulties presented by these, more recent efforts have focused on data integration, in particular fusion, to meld multiple media databases.