The Coca-Cola Company: Let's go crazy

DAVID The Agency


Our brief was startlingly simple: re-establish Coca-Cola's cultural leadership as an icon of happiness in today's complex world. To talk about happiness in a jaded world full of bad news was a tough ask. A global deep-dive on current cultural tensions revealed one live, raw, painful tension: All over the world, we can't believe the inhumanity and unkindness that we're capable of showing each other. Turning on the news angers and depresses us, and we ask ourselves where our humanity has gone.

We know we need kindness more than ever. 98% of consumers agree it's the key to a happier world, and breaking science proves that giving makes us even happier than receiving. Yet at the same time, we live in a world in which being kind to strangers is considered crazy. Naïve, foolish and stupid. Well, then, let's all be crazy, we said. Let's celebrate the givers, wherever they are. Because they're the ones who make the world a happier place. These are all true stories about the world's crazy-kind people.

The challenge