10 trends in digital advertising

Mike Shaw

Online video and mobile are the future, but audience measurement challenges remain, says comScore's Mike Shaw

When comScore started measuring the digital landscape 12 years ago, most households had one desktop computer and dial-up access was common. No-one could have predicted the impact of widespread broadband access, mobile browsing and tablet ownership.

ComScore's two million person household panel has given a front row seat to how all these dynamics have unfolded. We have measured how consumer digital behaviour has morphed, changed and become such a prominent part of our daily lives. We have learnt some important lessons about the complexities of measuring digital audiences, how digital advertising works, social networking, video, mobile and differences across markets.

The findings suggest digital advertising across multiple platforms will continue to grow, as will the challenges associated with measuring the audiences exposed to that advertising, and the extent to which the advertising achieved the desired results.