Using Behavioural Affinities On Web Sites To Maximise One's Media Plan

New online targeting tools

Bruce Hoang
Business Development Manager for NetObserver Europe, Novatris, France.
Daniel Brechignac
Director of Universal Interactive, Universal McCann, France


In the early days of the Internet the goals of on-line communication consisted of achieving visibility on websites without caring much about the diversity of consumer profiles. According to general studies, Internet users were seen as a high level of 'male' consumers with equipment at home and higher revenues. Still the Internet media addresses a large range of populations, from employees to housewives, from gay/lesbian communities to seniors. All populations concerned gather around communities and have behavioural specificity that ought to be identified.

Classical indicators are:

  • demographics (age, gender, social professional group, income, marital status);
  • use of the Internet (date of first Internet connection, frequency of use, place of connection, personal/professional use, type of sites and services used);
  • location of main residence: domestic/international.