Hybrids, the heavenly bed and purple ketchup: How to re-energise and build true relevance and differentiation for your brand

David Aaker

It is a pleasure to be with the British Brands Group and a pleasure to be in the UK. It is humbling to be in this country. I played golf at Sunningdale last weekend, on the New Course. This ‘new’ course was designed the best part of a century before my Californian country club existed!

This evening I am talking about Brand Portfolio Strategy because I have come to believe that, even though the concept has been around for a while, most companies do not manage their brands very well, and a lot of them do not do it all. This is often driven by the number of silos in organisations and the lack of concepts and processes to overcome these. Whatever the reason, there is much room for improvement and there are significant pay-offs in getting it right.