Reflecting the spirit of The Yard: The Yard annual report 2010/11

Agency: Tayburn
Client: Scotland Yard Adventure Centre
Category: Design for Society

Executive summary

Scotland Yard Adventure Centre, known as The Yard, is an oasis in the heart of Edinburgh that provides indoor and outdoor safe play facilities for children with additional support needs and their siblings. It is a very small charity with a very, very small marketing budget.

Its Annual Report, as its primary communication tool, is the one big chance to communicate with its target audiences. This includes current and potential sources of funding, including local government, other NGO care groups and private and corporate contributors, as well as staff, parents and the media. Basically, all the people that they, as a charity, rely on to pay the bills and keep the facility going.

The Yard's 2010 Annual Report, designed by Tayburn, has had a massive effect on the success of The Yard. It has been instrumental in seeing funding increase by 16% (at a time when, according to the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, 56% of charities in Scotland reported a decrease in income), has contributed to attendances at The Yard increasing to maximum capacity, has helped secure a first ever national charity partner and inspired key politicians to visit. It has also made everyone involved with The Yard, from the playworkers to the children who use the facility, feel good about themselves, and that's important too.

Project overview