Earth Hour, WWF – The Night the World Went Dark

Category: Global
Brand/Client: Earth Hour – WWF
Primary Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Media Agency: Starcom Mediavest Group
Contributing Agencies: Leo Burnett, Chicago


The strategic challenge (across 2007/09) was : how do we get individuals to actually do something about global warming. This problem was universal to every country.

Our target audience in 2009 was broad. We wanted Earth Hour to be truly global, not just the ‘Western’ world – to give us the biggest symbolic impact and truly global reach. We wanted everyone – individuals, young and old, businesses, cities, countries, governments, major media companies, towns, communities and iconic city monuments. Our target bull's-eye in 2009 was defined as 1000 cities, those with dense populations. These cities were selected to ensure Earth Hour was spread across the globe, in a truly global manner, like the world has never seen before.