Telecom Brands
So Near, So Far, Sharpening Their Marketing Swords - A Working Framework

Carol Samms,
Managing Director, Through the Loop Consulting Ltd., United Kingdom.


The forces of change in the telecommunications and information technologies industries cannot be under-estimated. There are seismic shifts occurring in the players themselves, in technologies and importantly, in customer expectations. Against this backdrop, it is not surprising that companies are duly sharpening their marketing swords and some more effectively than others.

Marketing strategy has come under the spotlight but branding strategy and communications disciplines are essential components of the process. The power of marketing strategy drives brand value and it is the search for brand value that is changing the structural face of the industry. Why is brand value important? Brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Marlboro and Sony have accrued immense value in their brand storehouses and in turn, this creates shareholder value. The magnitude of some of these brand valuations is shown in table 1. It appears that branding skill is the crux of the matter.



Value ($ Million)

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  • Global, multinational advertising
  • Global, multinational advertising
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