How Old is Your Consideration Set?

The Influence of Age on Brand Consideration

Raphaëlle Lambert-Pandraud
Negocia, France.

Gilles Laurent
HEC School of Management, France.


In many product or service categories, consumers face both long-established brands and relative newcomers. For example, in a typical French supermarket, buyers of alcohol-free beverages can choose between a long-established brand such as Coca-Cola (launched in France in 1933), or a more recent brand such as Lipton Ice Tea (1993). Previous research has shown that older persons may prefer options they have known for a long time. For example, for movie stars, French male respondents aged 65 and above chose Michèle Morgan, Romy Schneider and Grace Kelly as their three preferred actresses, whereas those under 25 preferred Sophie Marceau, Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone (Figaro Magazine 31/12/99). Among French buyers of a new car, 69% of those aged 60 to 74, and 74% of those aged 75 and above purchased one of the three national brands which have been established for about a century, while only 49% of the 18–39 buyers and 56% of the 40–59 do so (Lambert-Pandraud, Laurent and Lapersonne, 2005). Thus, the preference for long-established options appears to increase with age.