Local jewels and global heroes: the fusion model of global brand management

Ute Rademacher
Ipsos Qualitative Germany, Germany

David Lee and Yijun Ma
Ipsos China, China


This paper aims to explore globalisation from a marketing – and particularly brand management – perspective. In order to investigate the opportunities and threats of globalisation for the brand landscape, we briefly introduce a theoretical framework of brands in a global world. The Fusion Model distinguishes three different types of brands according to their heritage and link to local or regional cultures and history: local jewels, brands in fusion and global heroes. The model claims that these different types of brands require different strategies of brand management. In order to test our assumptions we will present the results of a qualitative case study Ipsos Germany and Ipsos China conducted as a joint study. Since wine making is traditionally rooted in the Western society and culture, we chose wine to be the subject of 'testing the limits' of global brand stretchability. Opportunities and barriers of German wine in the Chinese market will be compared to consumers' reactions towards Chinese wine in the German market. According to our knowledge, this will be the first empirical investigation in both markets to focus on neither 'copy cats' of Western concepts and products in China or India nor a 'digital innovation' with a high level of credibility of Asian origin. Our analysis will also be based on further empirical evidence of consumers' reactions regarding global brands, brands in fusion and local heroes.