Case study: success in the deodorant category

Gary Grossman

Gillette challenged IDI (Innovation & Development Inc) to originate the next-generation deodorant. While discussing deodorant usage in a home, an IDI team member encountered an angry young woman whose new dress had been ruined by white stains around the arms from perspiring while dancing at a disco. This led IDI to propose the first clear antiperspirant/deodorant. IDI also developed a cost-effective, patented delivery system for Gillette, which was successfully marketed as Gillette Clear Gel.

The deodorant category commands about eight feet of dedicated linear space in many big-box US retailers, like Target, CVS and Wal-Mart. Within that area, each individual product facing is approximately three inches wide, presenting some 60 brands and their line extensions. For the consumer this means a most confusing shopping experience.