Clorox Insight's Best Practice: Four-Step Bottleneck-Breaker

Geoffrey Precourt

For the Clorox Co., "Our mission at Clorox is very, very simple," Danny Brown, the Oakland, California-based FMCG's global shopper insights lead, told an audience at the 2013 The Market Research Event (TMRE) in Nashville, Tennessee. "We try to make everyday life better every day for our consumers."

At shopper insights, that goal is more refined: "We are charged with growing categories for our retailing customers. That's our primary and only focus."

Clorox has global brand recognition for its eponymous bleach, the company also market and sells Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Glad Trash Bags, crushed-up cat litter, and Kingsford Charcoal.

The variety of products demands a variety of marketing activities. But the challenges are every bit as much about providing internal direction as well as consumer-facing efforts. Explained Brown, "Part of my responsibility is to create and embed shopper insights capabilities with our field sales teams. And when I talk about 'field sales teams,' I'm talking about our national account managers and, to some extent, our category-management folks and our shopper marketing folks.