Young, Muslim and ready for engagement

Nazia Hussain

Young Muslim consumers are protective of their faith, inquisitive, demand honesty and integrity from brands, mirroring the CSR values that many global brands are striving to achieve, and are brand loyal

I was in Bangladesh last week, where I met a young lady called Ayesha, perfectly turned out in an olive-green silk headscarf, elegantly matched with her tailored traditional shalwar kameez outfit. She spoke impeccable English and was interning, she said, at a leading advertising agency in Dhaka. We talked about how it was to live as a young, modern Muslim today, and got on to the topic of travel etiquette.

When she travels abroad, she said, Ayesha wears Western clothing that is simply a bit looser in fit and longer in style than the high-street norm, respectful of her religion. If she stands out at all, she tells me she wants it to be because she 'looks good' and is well-dressed. Asked about what influences her decisions, she pauses, then tells me there are only two influences in her life – herself, and Islam. At 22 years old, Ayesha is the perfect embodiment of the new Muslim consumer, who is set to change the future of global consumption.