IKEA: Moving Day

Leo Burnett, Toronto

How a move organized by IKEA became a move made better.

How do you create relief for a city in angst…and by doing so, turn that relief into unprecedented sales? Every July 1st long weekend in Canada, a cultural phenomenon happens unlike any other. The people of Quebec move, not one-by-one but all at once. They call it Moving Day or Fête du Déménagement, and it leads to complete urban chaos. Imagine 225,000 Montreal residents, in a city of 1.8 million, moving all at the very same time. Not only do people ignore traditional media during this chaos, but also anything that doesn't provide value to the task at hand, including IKEA. When it comes to moving, IKEA and its competitors are completely out of sight and out of mind. The challenge to drive sales required a completely new approach to media. So we created a strategy built around what people needed most, and used that to create an entirely new media vehicle. This provided the strategic underpinning for a creative campaign inextricably tied to the crazy dynamics of Moving Day frenzy.

Becoming relevant when you're the last thing on people's minds. Now that's a challenge.