Monopoly City Streets: how a revolutionary try-before-you-buy helped launch a revolutionary new Monopoly variant

Principal Authors: James Broomfield and Les Binet – DDB UK

Contributing Authors: Sarah Carter and Alice Weale – DDB UK


Engagement, activation, social media… that’s where it’s at all nowadays, right? But is there any evidence that it actually sells stuff? Not much.

This paper changes that. We’ll show how getting people to spend time with us online had a massive effect on sales, on a global scale, even though they couldn’t buy anything directly. Furthermore, we’ll show how the depth of involvement, the fun, the sheer buzz of this creative-award-winning experience, gave a huge boost to traditional media, transforming the overall campaign.

This is the story of the launch of Monopoly City, a revolutionary new version of the family classic. We’ll show how Hasbro and DDB-UK worked together to create the ultimate "try before you buy", re-igniting sales growth in the process.