o.b. Tampons: A Personal Apology (Just For You)

Lowe Roche Toronto

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson
Brand: o.b. Tampons
Country: Canada


In 2010, the Canadian tampon market was in something of a 'steady state'. Following a successful repositioning in 2007, Johnson and Johnson Inc.'s o.b.® brand was a solid #4 player in the category with a base of very loyal users. Then, a North American distribution problem presented a significant challenge for the brand in Canada. Starting in July 2010, o.b.® tampons started to disappear from store shelves and by October 2010 were very difficult to find anywhere in Canada. This was very frustrating for the o.b.® brand loyal users, who became quite vocal about their inability to purchase their favourite brand of tampons.

Product supply was sporadic and hard to find across Canada for almost 5 months, leaving the o.b.® brand loyal user base without a choice in the market. Compounding the problem was a lack of communication to o.b.® users from Johnson and Johnson Inc. about what was happening or when the tampons would be available again. The product was widely available in February 2011, but the absence had created some very specific brand challenges. Because of the unique situation, no baseline KPIs in terms of share growth or gross sales was established for the campaign. Rather the brand came to us asking that we help them achieve 4 key objectives: 1. Drive awareness that the o.b.® brand was back on shelf as many users had simply stopped looking for it. 2. Drive 're-trial' of the brand for users who had switched in the months of the product shortage and recapture them as consumers. 3. Repair the brand's image amongst its loyal user base and 4. Regain the share the brand had lost as a result of the out-of-stocks.