Are your ads truly making an impression?: Video viewability - measuring the measurers

Tim Avila and Amaya Garbayo
Brightroll and Kellogg


Advertising that is not seen cannot make an impression. Historically, digital advertising has been transacted based on the number of impressions served, yet there is substantial evidence that some ads may be served that are never viewable to users. Recent advancements in technology and industry standards enable the measurement of whether ads served can be seen by users. In the wake of these developments, the digital advertising industry is increasingly moving toward a "viewable" impression standard whereby advertising impressions are measured and counted based on the opportunity for users to see ads.

The Kellogg Company was an early adopter of display-based viewability measurement. Collecting over a year's worth of tracking data, Kellogg discerned a positive relationship between the percent of viewable impressions within a campaign and the ability to drive sales volume.